RE Revelations 2 Episode 4

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has steadily improved as its first three episodes progressed, going from a by-the-numbers imitation of the older and better games in the series to a game that truly offers up something new. Though episode four has a few flashes of greatness, it is ultimately marred by some odd choices that keep it from being a truly great finale. Claire and Moira take up the first half of the episode, which can disappointingly be finished in fifteen or twenty minutes as it consists of a little exploration and a short chase scene without any boss fight or real challenge at all. Barry and Natalia get a much heavier focus, but it takes a long time before anything that’s happening truly feels like the ending of a memorable journey. The pacing feels off as far too much time is spent in the sewers and mines, areas that both suffer from poor level design. Eventually the two stumble onto a combination research facility/mansion that serves as a strong homage to the original Resident Evil mansion; at this point the game finally picks up just in time for a solid final boss fight. Nothing here is going to stand out to gamers weeks after the game is beaten as most of the creative moments of Revelations 2 occurred in previous episodes, but episode four provides a serviceable enough conclusion to the adventure even if it leaves some story threads dangling and can’t strike the right balance between its two sets of characters.


Chapter 4: 3.5 Chicks out of 5

Resident Evil: Revelations 2: 3.5 Chicks out of 5

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