Smash Bash 3 Matches

On March 26, 2016, the bros of got together for our annual Smash Bash Tournament. This double-elimination tournament was seeded using total kills accumulated from a series of twenty 4-player prelim matches in which every player played every other player exactly once.

The initial seeding:


The tournament tree was populated based on those seeds, and a total of 40 one-on-one matches were played to determine this year’s Smash Bash Champion. For the first time ever, many of these matches have been recorded and uploaded to YouTube in their entirety. Check them out below.

Click here for full Smash Bash 3 results.

Match Videos:

Finals: Kevin vs. Stevie

For the videos of the rest of the matches:
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Uncharted 4: Chapters 12 – 15

Watch as I play chapters twelve through fifteen of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. My thoughts from day four: Naughty Dog managed to create both the best written and best looking game this generation. To me, this is the new measuring stick against which all Triple A games should be compared. Check back tomorrow 5/14/16 as I will be streaming the remainder of the game, and come back next week for my final review.

Uncharted 4: Chapters 7 – 11

Watch as I play chapters seven through eleven of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. My thoughts from day three: I’m glad I didn’t seek out the second half of the E3 Demo so the best action sequence of the series wasn’t spoiled for me. The real standout sequence actually came right afterwards, however, with Drake and Elena’s emotional exchange in the hotel room. Check back tomorrow 5/13/16 as I will be streaming the next few chapters, and come back next week for my final review.

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Uncharted 4: Chapters 4-6

Watch as I play chapters four through six of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. My thoughts from day two: It’s a little slower to get into the action than I’m used to, but that’s a small price to pay for the tremendous character development we’re getting.  The Last of Us influences are clear, and Uncharted 4 is better for it. Check back tomorrow 5/12/16 as I will be streaming the next few chapters, and come back next week for my final review.

Uncharted 4: Chapters 1-3

Watch as I play the first three chapters of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. My initial thoughts: It’s the most visually impressive game I’ve ever played, and it’s fun as hell. Check back tomorrow 5/11/16 as I will be streaming the next few chapters, and come back next week for my final review.

Smash Bash 2 Highlights

It’s March and that means it’s time for another Smash Bash. In celebration of March Madness, the gametimebros hold an annual Super Smash Bros Round Robin Tournament in order to award the most super of all the bros a fitting trophy. Last year Stevie took home the prize, but stay tuned to to find out who takes it home this year. Check out last year’s highlights below and check out all the results here.

Championship: Stevie (STEW) vs. Steve (STAN)

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Brolympics: Super Mario 64

In the sixth event of the gametimebrolympics, The Last Ride’s Marissa attempts to best Nice Wang, Bro’s self-proclaimed “Nintendo expert” Stevie in Super Mario 64 slide races.

UPDATE: The Broylmpic Committee has announced that the finish of this event is under investigation due to allegations of cheating. Brian Townsend, Chairman of the committee, has promised to make a ruling before closing ceremonies.

Brolympics: #IDARB

In the fifth event of the first Brolympiad, The Last Ride (Steve, Marissa, and Keith) takes on Nice Wang, Bro (Danielle, BTown, and Sweeney) in #IDARB.

The Brolympic Committee would like to acknowledge that footage has been lost for the third and fourth events. Here are the results of those events:

Kevin (TLR) def. BTown (NWB) in Ms. Pacman 1-0

BTown & Danielle (NWB) def. Keith & Kayla (TLR) in Mario Party 10 1-0

Medal Count:

The Last Ride – 3

Nice Wang, Bro – 2

Retro Rehab: WWF Royal Rumble

Step 4: WWF Royal Rumble

Forgive me readers for I have sinned. It’s been four weeks since my last rehab session. As you might have guessed, I’ve fallen off the wagon. I can’t shake my Destiny addiction and my rehab is suffering. In an attempt to get back on the wagon, I’ve temporarily skipped steps 2 and 3 in favor of step 4, the quicker-to-beat WWF Royal Rumble. It might be a cop out, but what do you expect from an addict?

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Retro Rehab: A Link to the Past

I have a confession: I was a deprived as a child. I wasn’t deprived of food or shelter, but of video games. Though I begged my parents ever since the moment I could first speak for a Super Nintendo to call my very own, they refused to break. In fact, I think they derived just a little bit of enjoyment out of watching me suffer through a childhood without a SNES to keep me company. And though I finally broke my parents by the Christmas of 1997, the Super Nintendo had all but faded into irrelevance. My parents were seduced by the allure of 3D, and though I loved my new Nintendo 64, I’ve been chasing the dragon that is the Super Nintendo ever since. With the love and support of my bros, I’ve admitted myself into the Retro Rehab 10-Step Program:

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Retro Bros: WWF Royal Rumble

Keith forces the bros to play one of his favorite SNES games from his childhood and quickly realizes that this might be a mistake. As punishment, Stevie takes him on in a grudge match of less-than-epic proportions. Meanwhile, Kev and Steve battle in a 12-man Royal Rumble.