RE: Revelations 2 Episode 2

There was clear room for improvement in Resident Evil Revelations 2’s second episode, and while it is a bit more fun to play than the first, core weaknesses remain to keep it from reaching its full potential. Things are a bit more open-ended in Episode 2 with a few nonlinear environments to explore and more of a focus on action. There are a few major gunfights that will challenge players more than anything in Episode 1. The structure of the episode remains the same as Claire and Moira must make their way through an abandoned village in search of a central tower where a woman known as “the Overseer” is presumed to be broadcasting threatening messages. Barry and Natalia must also make their way through the same environment while encountering different obstacles. Despite Moira’s notable weaknesses as a playable character, she and Claire get the better half here as their initial exploration of the village is reminiscent of the fantastic Resident Evil 4; the game even seems to acknowledge this with a not-so-subtle Chekhov’s chainsaw thrown in for good measure. Still, it’s confounding that the game isn’t doing anything special with its central cooperative mechanic. It could really benefit from temporarily breaking up Claire and Moira or Barry and Natalia, allowing all of the characters a few minutes’ worth of gameplay tailored strictly to their own abilities, but with two of the four episodes of Revelations 2 completed, that is starting to seem unlikely.

3.5 Chicks out of 5

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