#34: Brolympic gtbgtsbgst

The gametimebroylmpics come to a close with the third ever gametimebro Game Time Show, Bro Game Show Time. Brian and Kayla host as Kevin, Steve, and Keith take on Sweeney and J.

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Brolympics: Super Mario 64

In the sixth event of the gametimebrolympics, The Last Ride’s Marissa attempts to best Nice Wang, Bro’s self-proclaimed “Nintendo expert” Stevie in Super Mario 64 slide races.

UPDATE: The Broylmpic Committee has announced that the finish of this event is under investigation due to allegations of cheating. Brian Townsend, Chairman of the committee, has promised to make a ruling before closing ceremonies.

Brolympics: #IDARB

In the fifth event of the first Brolympiad, The Last Ride (Steve, Marissa, and Keith) takes on Nice Wang, Bro (Danielle, BTown, and Sweeney) in #IDARB.

The Brolympic Committee would like to acknowledge that footage has been lost for the third and fourth events. Here are the results of those events:

Kevin (TLR) def. BTown (NWB) in Ms. Pacman 1-0

BTown & Danielle (NWB) def. Keith & Kayla (TLR) in Mario Party 10 1-0

Medal Count:

The Last Ride – 3

Nice Wang, Bro – 2