Retro Rehab: A Link to the Past

I have a confession: I was a deprived as a child. I wasn’t deprived of food or shelter, but of video games. Though I begged my parents ever since the moment I could first speak for a Super Nintendo to call my very own, they refused to break. In fact, I think they derived just a little bit of enjoyment out of watching me suffer through a childhood without a SNES to keep me company. And though I finally broke my parents by the Christmas of 1997, the Super Nintendo had all but faded into irrelevance. My parents were seduced by the allure of 3D, and though I loved my new Nintendo 64, I’ve been chasing the dragon that is the Super Nintendo ever since. With the love and support of my bros, I’ve admitted myself into the Retro Rehab 10-Step Program:

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