3rd Party Support Episode 07

In part 1 of this mammoth 2-part 3PS episode, Steve, Sweeney, and Keith discuss their individual top 10 shows of 2015. Warning: They spoil the shit out of everything.

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One thought on “3rd Party Support Episode 07

  1. Here are the timestamps where everything gets discussed, in case you want to avoid potential spoilers or are only interested in hearing our hot takes on certain shows:

    11:10 – Community
    14:55 – The Simpsons
    20:05 – W/ Bob and David
    24:05 – Transparent
    27:40 – The Walking Dead
    37:20 – The Knick
    41:55 – Other Space
    46:05 – The Jinx
    53:25 – You’re the Worst
    58:45 – Rick and Morty
    1:04:40 – House of Cards
    1:08:30 – Orange Is the New Black
    1:15:55 – Veep
    1:20:20 – The Muppets
    1:24:20 – Game of Thrones


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